For the Garden Stewards

Co-Creation, Dharma, Farm & Garden / Monday, July 20th, 2020
He shapes the 2x12  
The perfect length. 
Using stakes, he secures 
Four sides, four corners, 
All neatly held in place. 
A space for soil, amendments, minerals and bone meal 
Creating a health-filled space for our perfect growth. 
With strength of hands and fingers, 
Holes are dug, 
In which more amendments are offered, 
Before we are gently placed within, 
Culminating with a dusting of Earthen Goodness. 
Add water and voila! 
We are safely housed and fully fed. 
She moistens our surroundings daily 
Sometimes even twice-a-day  
During the warm season 
As we are thirsty little ones. 
Seeing our neighbors tall and strong 
Gives us faith in our own maturation 
As we recover from the upheaval  
Of potted to Earthen home. 
We see her practicing.  
Presence, she knows,  
Is all that is Real. 
We feel the willfulness of her mind 
As she succumbs to the weight  
From thoughts of the list of countless things 
That must be done. 
She quiets her mind 
With the recognition that thoughts are things. 
She realizes it is a choice 
To attach or let ‘em go! 
The task list reappears  
In the mind’s eye. 
She consciously chooses to feel the sun  
Upon her bare shoulders and nape of neck, 
Bringing her to the only place that is Real 
The Now moment. 
But that list of must-be-dones 
Persists loud in the mind. 
She recognizes the choice: 
To be present  
Or to be lost in illusion. 
She makes the choice 
To behold the beauty of the babes, 
Acknowledging they know just what they need do 
To grow strong under her daily care. 
She feels the hard ground  
Upon the soles of her feet 
Along the narrow walkway between the beds of verdant green. 
Now, what about that list? 
She feels the trade wind upon her skin 
Prompting for conscious awareness once again. 
Oh, but that list! 
The ego continues to re-mind. 
The soul knows 
All will be done. 
The ego shouts, “NOW! All must be done now!” 
The soul waits patiently for the tantrum to pass, 
For awake awareness to resume. 
She chooses presence 
As she embraces the Beauty, 
As aliveness permeates, 
As health-filled soil feeds, 
As bicoastal views pervade, 
As Q’uo, the Magical Owl, mascots, 
As hens cluck for garden scraps, 
As Earth turns away from setting sun, 
As clouds that only Haleakala can muster  
Weave across the azure sky, 
All with the knowing that diversity heals, 
Organic matters, 
And, nurturance is key. 
She finds she is a parent again, with thoughts of 
Perhaps, this time she can get it right! 
She tends daily 
With strides that nurture. 
She feels us call 
For the Love she has denied, 
For she knew not then 
What she cognizes now. 
She embraces the parental role 
Of care, responsibility, and unconditional love, 
Of responding when called, 
Of tending with consistency, 
Of presence, 
In which she recognizes 
All that she was  
Has made her who she is today. 
She would not change a thing 
As she comes to a place  
Of Forgiveness, 
Forgiveness of the self 
For not being there 
When others needed her most. 
These are the Blessons 
She has chosen 
To become the one she is 
We grow tall. 
We grow strong. 
We grow abundantly. 
We ask to be harvested  
For those who appreciate our nourishing ways. 
Our wish is to be fully utilized, 
By those receptive to the Goodness we imbue. 
Our greatest desire  
Is to be wholly in service 
To those enJoying our fruits. 
Come one, come all, 
Come celebrate the beauty of the Mother! 
Through us she gives and honours 
The humans coming to the Realization 
Of Who They Are!