The New Hu-Man

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, New Earth, Peace, Responsibility / Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Given the date that this article is written (middle of the year, 2020), during the time of Covid-19, economic calamity, rampant fear, mass confusion, we are simultaneously offered the opportunity for an entirely new way of embracing our humanness and greater-self. With the recognition that we are living during unprecedented times, an amazing doorway presents itself for greater personal awareness, particularly given the understanding that we are on the precipice during which one 26,000-year cycle concludes, and the inception of the next 26,000-year cycle. Let’s explore the significance of these cycles. 

As Earth wobbles on her axis, she makes a conical shape path which spans approximately 26,000 years, known as the “Precession of Equinoxes”. This almost imperceptible ‘wobble’ of the Earth’s axis as it spins in space causes the stars in the sky to appear to spin in a great cycle, with the north star shifting during each age. To give some idea of how long this takes, each zodiacal age (12 signs in the zodiac) lasts approximately 2150 years and the full extent of the great cycle takes an amazing 25,772 (12 zodiacal signs x 2150 years each) years to complete! We are currently at the very onset of the age of Aquarius, having moved into it from the age of Pisces, beginning on December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar came to an end, and Earth completed one 25,772-year cycle.

Ostensibly, there was a civilization named Lemuria which was an agrarian society thriving on this planet the length of time of one precession (approximately 26,000 years) ago, from which the population was decimated by a flood.  The Mu, as they were called, recognized the connection of All That Is, co-creating with flora and fauna in a mutually beneficial and supportive manner.  (As a side note, could this be the origin of the story of Noah’s Arc?) 

There is also the claim that a civilization named Atlantis, which potentially inhabited this planet 13,000 years ago (one-half of the time period of the Precession of Equinoxes), destroyed itself through internal warfare brought about by misuse of technology. As with the Lemurians, Atlanteans were also a sacred people, however grew to believe that they could utilize technology in ways that were beyond their spiritual maturity. 

Two lost civilizations, both erased from known time. Now, here we find ourselves in a point of time 26,000 years after Lemuria and 13,000 years following Atlantis, at the onset of a new cycle, a 13,000-year period that Nature has defined via a wobble of Earth’s axis. This successive cycle is imminent as the old dies off, albeit with nails embedded, slipping and scratching the cliff from which it is falling. We are experiencing the disarray of the ingredients that make into a cake after baked, not recognizing the sweet delight that will come forth from the oven!   

There is no accident that what is unfolding here and now on planet Earth is a multiple of 13,000 years from both of these plausible Earth civilizations.  Whether one believes these civilizations of long ago are real or not, humanity is at a brink of making the choice between awakening and eradication. 

To what could we be awakening? Could it be that we are awakening to a greater understanding of who we are? And, just who is that? From the Way of Mastery in which Jayem communes with Yeshua ben Joseph, stated from the perspective of a human: 

I am the extension of Love in form
I have never been born and I will never taste death 
I am infinite and eternal 
I shine forth as a sunbeam to the sun 
I am the effect of God’s Love 

Wow, now that sounds like the new super hu-man!  So, how do we tap into this truth of who we are that is so lovingly declared in this prose?  Is there a magic pill to assist us in uncovering the obstacles to our own self-Love? 

The “pill” may be just this: Presence. OK, so let’s explore “presence”. Presence is the place we inhabit during which there is no thought. How do we access this “no-thought” zone? Why, through the senses! As we come into a place of quiet during which we focus solely on a scent, on a feeling sensation, on a taste, on a sound, on a sight (sans labeling what is viewed), then, and only then, does the mind go into stillness. Within that stillness, is presence. Within presence, is the felt sensations of aliveness, of pure potentiality. It is a sort of meditation via the senses. As the mind grows humble, as the heart becomes available to what is felt, rather than being told what-is, as the thoughts diminish and eventually halt, presence emanates. Behold within this presence, as the din of the world vanishes, as the internal conversation mutes, the still small voice whispering, “Listen with the ears of your heart. Come forth and play in God’s country, in co-operation with Earth’s many plants and animals, her extremes of beauty and bareness, all mirroring your own inner landscape. Come learn to co-create with all, the allowance of all, the judgment of none, the acceptance of all.” 

Presence is a continual practice until it becomes second nature. How to practice? Consider beginning with just a few moments each day of connecting with Nature be it a flower, a plant, an insect, a pet, whatever it is that one is drawn toward, and simply BE with that choice. Observe with the innocence of a child as though one has never seen, felt, heard, touched, tasted, that aspect of Nature. It is as though one is practicing a meditation, a quiet inward introspection, however in our case, it is coming into the full sensing of a chosen aspect of Nature. As the mind wanders, ever so gently, without reprimand, quiet it by bringing it to the Now moment, to the stillness shared with an aspect of Nature. As this practice grows in duration and frequency, a greater sense of Peace descends. Within these moments, One-ness may be deemed plausible, truly actualized, if even only for a few short moments. Via this very experiencing, we unwind the central nervous system, learning to relax and accept and allow the present moment EXACTLY as it is.   

There is no gain. There is no loss. There is only what-is. Either our whole acceptance or contrarily, resistance, is actualized in any given moment. For those Trekies out there, the Borg taught us, “Resistance is futile!” So, why not Love what is, nurturing the finer aspects of our self via self-Love beginning with presence? 

Returning to the conversation regarding the past civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, may we learn from their mis-takes, their missing the mark, or sin, of not recognizing the Oneness, that what we do and how we speak to another, is identical to how we treat our self.  There is no distinction, only our perception of separation.  And, only from the place of separation, can we harm another, foolishly believing that it is not another version of our self.   

Will we learn from the Atlantean’s misuse of their technology as it surpassed their soul connection, when they explored genetic modification, cloning, and AI?  Does this sound alarmingly similar to what is going on today?  Will our landmasses disappear in some destructive fashion due to our lack of knowing and embracing who we are?  Or, will we recognize our One-ness with All That Is and live life harmoniously?   

This is a time of great possibilities, the onset of a golden age, for the New Hu-man.  In Sufism, “Hu” is a name for God.  Applying it to the word, human, a direct translation could be, “God-Man”.   Are we willing to accept the responsibility that we are the creator of our reality? 

This is also a time of potentially great destruction. Will we become that civilization that learns to co-create with an awareness greater than the small mind, the ego identity, letting go of that which is discordant within, recognizing that our thoughts, emotions, and feelings create the world we experience? There is an opportunity, as we are willing to embrace it, for Peace on Earth, as Peace begins to manifest with the onset and practice of presence in the New Hu-man.