Each of us has Wisdom. Many of us have just forgotten how to tap into it. Walking Wisdom is a reminder to each of us walking the Earth, that the wisdom is within, and the more that we recognize that inner knowing, the more clearly it will show up in our every-day experiences.

We here at Walking Wisdom, aim to support you on life’s journey with the realization of your Wisdom. We all have our own unique life stories in which we participate. We have an option of living the drama or viewing it from a broader perspective, the perspective that we are the creator of it, and not the victim to it. By so doing, the aim is to learn from the experiences set forth in our every day life, creating the future possibility of a different action or response. Via the learning from life experiences, we can choose to embrace the growth, the expansion, and thereby a greater awareness of Reality.

The basis of reality is the recognition that we are the creator of it. Inherent in this realization is the requirement for taking responsibility for each of our own life experiences. Taking responsibility is not an option if you no longer wish to suffer, only the time in which you accept this responsibility, is voluntary. We are all on the path to expressing the creator that we are. At some point, we each make the decision to take responsibility.

If you have a willingness to grow and are open to the realization that you create your life stories, this program is for you. Taking responsibility for your life circumstances is key to the success of this program!

We offer 1-hour One-on-One Coaching, 2-hour Circle Coaching amidst a minimum participant group size of 5, as well as full day Immersions & Five-Day Retreats on the beautiful isle of Maui in the Hawai’ian chain of islands, in which we co-create with you a discovering of the learning(s) beneath the stories in your life, assisting in uncovering the hidden significance to life stories, leading toward feelings of Harmony & Contentment.

The choices we make about what we observe make a difference in what we find. —Paul Levy from his book, The Quantum Revelation