The Ones

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Is this the dream  Of a dreamer who has long been forgotten?  Who is that dreamer?  Is the dreamer the soul  Desperately seeking  Acknowledgement  By the one controlling?  And who is that controller?  The one keeping me safe, Maintaining my smallness.  Yet the soul calls out to be acknowledged  As she wishes to grow,  To enter into 4D   The density of […]

August 19, 2020

The Mask

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Dharma, Responsibility

I don’t belong.  I feel it in my belly.  They tell me to wear a mask.  I wear a scarf.  It doesn’t stay in place.  They bring a mask for me to wear.  I adamantly express my “No” response.  She claims it is comfortable.  She does not have a clue  As to why I choose not to wear a […]

August 7, 2020

For the Garden Stewards

Co-Creation, Dharma, Farm & Garden

He shapes the 2×12   The perfect length.  Using stakes, he secures  Four sides, four corners,  All neatly held in place.  A space for soil, amendments, minerals and bone meal  Creating a health-filled space for our perfect growth.    With strength of hands and fingers,  Holes are dug,  In which more amendments are offered,  Before we are gently placed within,  Culminating with a dusting of Earthen Goodness.  Add water and voila!  […]

July 20, 2020

My Hero

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Dharma, New Earth, Peace, Responsibility

What makes a hero, a hero?  Recently, a woman has come into my experience who exemplifies all the traits I admire in a hero.  Christiane Northrup is a doctor who was raised to question everything and has stepped away from mainstream medical to share disclosures concerning germ versus terrain theory, vaccination myths, “plandemic” versus pandemic, all […]

June 16, 2020

Something Wonderful

Community, Covid, Dharma, New Earth, Peace

There is something wonderful happening here  The world as we know it is ending  A new Earth is unveiling her Self  Those who have run our countries from a place of greed  Are no more  Those who have run this world from a place of control   Are relinquishing  Albeit, unwillingly,  As they must retire, according to the […]

June 2, 2020


Co-Creation, Coaching, Community, Dharma, Patience, Peace, Responsibility

On Christmas Eve, while enJoying a forest exercise routine that I have performed numerous times over the years, something shifted in my right knee causing me to be unable to place any weight on my right leg.  As Life would have it, I was perhaps just one-half mile into the forest and mostly hopped my way out on one leg, sometimes relying on the shoulder of my Sweetie who […]

January 9, 2020


Co-Creation, Coaching, Dharma, Patience

“Every time you think you’ve failed, celebrate!  Celebrate your so-called failure as though it were a success.  For remember, it is up to you to decide what you will perceive.  Events are just neutral.  Therefore, you are free to celebrate what you call your failures.  And when you celebrate them, they are your successes.  Any […]

November 18, 2019

Why Coaching (Part I)?

Co-Creation, Coaching, Dharma, Responsibility

Why would you want to have a coach?  Because…  A coach, such as moi, is your own personal cheerleader.  I rah!-rah! you into seeing alternative perspectives on an aspect of your life story.   Why is this important?  As we learn to see our life stories from a broader perspective, one in which we are […]

March 17, 2019

Grateful for Gratitude

Co-Creation, Coaching, Community, Dharma

I am Grateful for feelings of Gratitude. In feeling Gratitude, I feel the dross slip away. There is an easing of the body’s nervous system. Tears well as I give Gratitude for Life and what has been offered in all It’s variety and fullness. I give Gratitude for that which brings me into a state […]

March 8, 2019