The Ones

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Dharma, Farm & Garden, New Earth

Is this the dream  Of a dreamer who has long been forgotten?  Who is that dreamer?  Is the dreamer the soul  Desperately seeking  Acknowledgement  By the one controlling?  And who is that controller?  The one keeping me safe, Maintaining my smallness.  Yet the soul calls out to be acknowledged  As she wishes to grow,  To enter into 4D   The density of […]

August 19, 2020

For the Garden Stewards

Co-Creation, Dharma, Farm & Garden

He shapes the 2×12   The perfect length.  Using stakes, he secures  Four sides, four corners,  All neatly held in place.  A space for soil, amendments, minerals and bone meal  Creating a health-filled space for our perfect growth.    With strength of hands and fingers,  Holes are dug,  In which more amendments are offered,  Before we are gently placed within,  Culminating with a dusting of Earthen Goodness.  Add water and voila!  […]

July 20, 2020

Ode to the Garden

Farm & Garden, New Earth

The beLoved prepares your soil  With knowing hands and tender heart,  Recognizing exactly what is needed   For your exceptional maturation,  Your sprouting from the shell  Within which contains all that is known  For your perfect development.    Bare hands tend you with soil void of bacteria  Within a tiny space that supports your inception.  He protects you from the elements  Of fire, heat, downpour, and intensity of skies.  He quenches you with gently […]

June 24, 2020