The Mask

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Dharma, Responsibility / Friday, August 7th, 2020
I don’t belong. 
I feel it in my belly. 
They tell me to wear a mask. 
I wear a scarf. 
It doesn’t stay in place. 
They bring a mask for me to wear. 
I adamantly express my “No” response. 
She claims it is comfortable. 
She does not have a clue 
As to why I choose not to wear a mask. 
Those few in the airport, 
Each one donning their veil. 
Where is everyone? 
The gates are void of humanity 
No planes layover anticipating their filled girths 
With expectant tourists galore. 
I am not allowed in 
Unless I wear a mask. 
I hear, “I am not accepted unless I wear a mask.” 
Conform is what I hear. 
“No” I cry out! 
No, I will NOT conform to the lie, 
To the many untruths that we are told, 
Through our “trusty” mainstream news, 
Even the celebrated CNN! 
It is all a lie. 
Why doesn’t everyone see this? 
Why isn’t this obvious? 
Have we forgotten how to think for ourselves? 
Have we forgotten how to hear for ourselves? 
Have we forgotten how to LISTEN? 
Not to the powers that be, 
But to that still small voice within, 
“Come home, beLoved child, 
Come home to the Truth of Who You Are. 
You are not here to conform. 
You are here to express the unique You,  
The individuated aspect of God, 
Of Source Energy, that You Are!” 
Why am I taking it personally? 
It is not about me. 
However, there is a choice. 
It is a choice I make. 
Freedom of Choice. 
Where is that now? 
Freedom to decide what is best for me. 
Freedom to live in a way that 
Does not adversely affect others 
Honors my own Truth. 
If they are wearing masks 
Then they must believe they work. 
Why must I wear a mask 
When I understand otherwise? 
Am I harming those others? 
If their mask works, 
Then why would it matter whether I wear one? 
I do not belong. 
My thoughts and feelings do not matter. 
I am insignificant. 
And yet, I know otherwise. 
Yeshua speaks, 
“All is well, child.  This too shall pass.” 
I do not belong. 
Where is my tribe? 
Ahhh, here you are, in this Circle of Writers. 
If you want to wear a mask,  
Why, by all means, please do so! 
Just do not ask me to do something that I do not believe in. 
Do not ask me to forsake my Truth. 
Do not ask me to dishonour this Self. 
I do not belong. 
It’s a very old story. 
Well beyond this lifetime. 
Burned at the stake, 
Broken at the cross, 
Cast aside for views not in alignment with those in power, 
Overlooked as inconsequential, 
Ultimately, unloved. 
Yeshua, what say you? 
“Beloved child, 
This is the human experience. 
The one of choice. 
The one of diversity. 
The one of polarity. 
To overcome, 
FEEL the love of self.” 
How do I do that? 
“Come to the breath, beLoved. 
Join with the breath. 
BE ONE with the breath. 
Feel the aliveness of the body. 
Feel the passion of the heart. 
Express with the Joy of the Father 
All that you are, 
All that you be.” 
I do not belong. 
In a world that has gone mad, 
Mimicking my own insanity, 
For it would not exist, if not within me. 
I call out, “Help me to heal!” 
“Come to the breath beLoved. 
Come to the One-ness of the One breath.” 
I do not belong. 
I feel unheard. 
Why is everyone focusing on the little shit 
When there is something REALLY BIG happening here? 
It is the Awakening of humanity! 
Am I one of the few to re-cognize this truth? 
Where are my fellow cohorts? 
Ahhh, here you are, sitting in Circle with me. 
I do not belong. 
Why would one hide behind the mask? 
Do we not wish to be seen? 
Are we, as the human race, not worthy of being seen? 
Here Earth is, cast to the outer reaches 
Of a solar system 
So we may not “infect” the others. 
Is that the true meaning of the mask? 
Am I infecting others 
With my very breath, 
With the sacred breath of Life? 
I do not belong. 
How does one connect, deeply connect, with those choosing to wear a mask? 
I get to see their eyes, 
The window to their soul. 
But that smile, 
That cute shape of their nose, 
That dimple, 
That expressive jaw, 
I miss all of that. 
I do not belong. 
I breathe. 
I feel. 
Therefore, I Am.