Why Coach Jeannette?

What Jeannette Offers … You Receive

Your Host Amidst Freshly Harvested Perciacaba Sprouting Broccoli

Jeannette sees the client before her as the whole individual they are. 

Jeannette sees the perfection in the life path that this individual has chosen, seeing the appropriateness of Life’s unfoldings for the greatest good for the individual.  She sees assessments as some of the veil that diminishes the light of the client’s recognition of the whole being they are.   The person is not broken … there is no thing to “fix”. Instead, there are alternative perspectives on viewing Life’s gifts. 

There is no wrong, only opportunity for growth. 

Nothing is wrong.  Nothing need by “fixed”.   Everything that Life delivers is for our highest growth – for our greatest good.  It is simply a matter of shifting our perspective so that we can recognize the life circumstance as the path of growth that it is.  From this perspective, we can in turn respond, determining the highest and best course of action. 

Jeannette asks insightful queries assisting the client in tapping into their own truth. 

These queries support the client in delving into (1) emotions, (2) self-assessments/judgments of the self, (3) internal and external languaging 

(1) Why are delving into emotions important? 

Emotions offer a gateway to understanding our self.  What triggers us, in other words, what causes an emotional response, is something that wants to be reviewed.  Feelings give us insight into our inner workings.  When Joy is our true nature, what are the discordant emotions revealing to us?  What wants to be looked at/revealed so that we may live in that natural state of Joy? 

(2) Why do we look at assessments? 

What do these say about our self?  Where have the judgments been learned?  Are they ours, or have we adopted other’s judgments about our self? 

(3) Why do we look at languaging? 

Thoughts are things.  We create with our thoughts.  We create with our words.  We create with our intentions.  What could be more important than looking at the thoughts/words which create our experience? 

Jeannette brings the life experience of an elder (the chrone) to the coaching session.  

Jeannette has lived a number of lifetimes in this one life span of now 60+ years.  This offers her a voice of experience and one of non-judgment as she has pretty much “done it all” 

Jeannette brings non-judgment to the coaching session. 

Only with non-judgment can creativity be unyielded and come forth.  Only with non-judgment can unconditional love be attained, felt, offered and shared. 

Jeannette brings The Way of Mastery (https://www.wayofmastery.com/) to the coaching session. 

Jeannette offers the teachings of Yeshua ben Joseph, these being unconditional Love, Oneness and Compassion. 

Jeannette brings unconditional love to the coaching session. 

Via unconditional love, the client need never feel judged, thereby supporting and creating the environment of an unconditionally safe space, supporting the client in truth-saying and getting it all out in the open.  Via openness, shedding the weight of holding-on and secrecy may be dropped.  Coming forth from that spaciousness, is Peace. 

Jeannette offers accountability. 

At the conclusion of each coaching session, with Coach Jeannette’s support, the client determines those practices and/or action steps that are the most supportive to deepen the learnings that have come forth during the coaching session.   

Jeannette offers keen active listening. 

It is Jeannette’s intention to listen with the “ears of the heart”.  Jeannette offers full presence to the client. 

Our Retreat Space

Onsite coaching occurs in an inspiring architecturally designed space overlooking 4 islands and bi-coastal views of Maui. 

The space has been designed to assist those blessed to be present to it, feelings of being in Nature – connecting with Nature within and without. 

Jeannette writes an inspired I Am Practice/Action following each coaching session. 

Within 24 hours of the conclusion of the coaching session, the client receives an email containing written verification of the practices and/or action steps as designed at the conclusion of the session.  Also included are any insights of Coach Jeannette’s that she may deem as supportive … these can be quite assistive ah-ha’s.  

Jeannette offers enthusiasm for the journey of awakening to the true self. 

The journey of awakening is Jeannette’s greatest desire to share and offer support upon.  For those who are excited for embracing the changes with-out and with-in, Jeannette supports wholly with the basis being, we are the creator of our experience

Jeannette offers wisdom on health & food choices

In addition to ontological coaching, Jeannette lives on an organically tended small farm and has learned much about food as medicine.  As well, she has been an athlete much of her adult life, with practices now in Yin Yoga, Vipassanā meditation & hiking in Nature.  Jeannette understands the importance of taking care of the human body, as the vessel it is – the “communication device” we are. 

To be human is to belong. Belonging is a circle that embraces everything; If we reject it, we damage our nature. The word ‘belonging’ holds together the two fundamental aspects of life:  Being and Longing, the longing of our Being and the being of our Longing. —John O’Donohue