Walk-Aways from a One-Day Immersion

Co-Creation, Community, Retreat / Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
Are you willing to break with the conventions of the world in which you live? –Yeshua from The Way of Transformation

What might inspire you to partake in a Walking Wisdom One-Day Immersion? 

It is a full day of play – play on the ‘āina in the gardens, play in the kitchen amidst alive foodstuffs, play as we ingest the fruits & vegetables of our garden labour all the while focusing on the sensing via our palate, play in the forest as we tap into our inner-child and connection with the Standing Ones, watching the embers alight as we circle ‘round the fire under Father Sky overlooking bicoastal views and the lights of our largest city, Kahului, just to name a few key areas of our day’s exploration.

What is the learning from the Immersion? 

This is wholly and uniquely individual, although the following are a few options… 

  • Greater awareness of the value in ingesting alive foods and taking this knowledge home and applying via frequenting farmers markets or farms in the vicinity of your home or local organic grocery stores (this does NOT include Amazon’s Whole Foods!) 
  • Feelings of playfulness and Joy as we PLAY and tap into our inner-child throughout the day, lightening our perspective and satiating our spirit.  Discussing opportunities for expanding this playfulness at home.
  • Taking home a vision of an alternative lifestyle and applying creatively to your current homestead. 
  • Experiencing living and co-creating amidst Community and considering how you would like to bring this new-found awareness into your home and Community life. 
  • Re-cognizing how it feels to listen and respond from your heart versus head.

The greatest Joy for me is to witness within you… 

“…a turning about in the seat of the soul, a changing of the momentum of consciousness – not outward, but inward.  Not as an escape from the world – it isn’t something you have to do all day, every day.  But you spend time in prayer and meditation.  You spend time in forgiveness.  You spend time breathing and relaxing.  You begin to allow changes to occur in the choices you are making, so they come more into alignment with your growing understanding of yourself as a creator, as a soul.  You begin to change your environment.  You paint the color of the walls of your bedroom a different color, that which brings a sense of pleasantness to you.  You change your physical environment completely by moving into a different apartment.  …often it means the changing of relationships.”  –Yeshua from “The Way of Transformation” 

Wanna play with us?  Wanna experience living from an alternative perspective?  Book your Walking Wisdom One-Day Immersion here