The Art of Vulnerability

Co-Creation, Coaching, Peace / Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

“If you fear vulnerability, you merely create the impossibility of ever tasting the peace of knowing that you are invulnerable to this world.  Begin, then, to practice vulnerability.  Open wide and reveal yourself to your world, to yourself.”  -Yeshua from The Way of Transformation 

When you consider the word, “vulnerability”, what comes up for you?  Fear of being seen?  Fear of being judged?  Fear of exposing your self?   

From where do these fears arise?  One origination may be: conformity.  Society has asked us to conform to its vanilla-ness., to not stand out, to not be the tall poppy in the field of average-sized poppies.  There may be false feelings of safety in this conformity, however, where does this leave the avenue for the unique offering that is you?  Hiding amongst all the average-sized “normal” poppies?  And, what is normal?  From a retreat I attended years ago, one woman suggested, “Normal is a setting on a dryer.”  What prompts us to want normality in an insane world?   

The “work” here is to tap into feelings of safety as we get to know ourselves, as we fall into ever-deeper Love with the self.  How can this be supported?  Via recognizing there is no-thing to fix, only to Love.  No-thing is out of order.  And, feeling the willingness to Love, and not judge.

Vulnerability may be synonymous to opening.  It is based upon the foundation of trust – trust in and of Life.  In this opening, is the space in which a coach such as myself, holds unconditionally Loving space, seeing the beautiful unique being that the client is, not that one who conforms to society’s normality, but rather the unique one who entered this incarnation to share the unique gift that they are.

Opening to feelings of vulnerability opens the pathway for releasing thoughts of what could happen (the ego is excellent at futurizing!) and allowing, fully allowing, that which comes forth through the opening.  Trust.  Trust in this process of surrendering to that which is revealed, rather than recoiling in fear of rejection or judgment. 

Vulnerability is the passageway to opening to the Universe flowing through us, as us.  Are you willing to Trust that flow?  Yes, it may be subtle, however the more that we practice opening through the doorway of vulnerability, the stronger that muscle becomes, the clearer the knowing of that flow of energy that is uniquely us.

It is my honor and Joy to witness you, wholly and unabashedly, from the place of unconditional Love.  In so doing, I do not have to “do” anything, except be that witness.  “And, in that witnessing, provide for you the space to choose your healing by becoming perfectly vulnerable”, as clarified by Yeshua in The Way of Transformation.  I do not have to “fix” you, for there is truly no-thing to be fixed!  I do not have to give you advice, for you already have that knowing within.  My intention, as the ontological coach I Am, is to hold the space of unconditional Love, unconditional acceptance, supporting the client in feeling safe amidst feelings of vulnerability.  In this space, may a greater awareness of the Truth of Who You Are be revealed and embraced.