Co-Creation, Coaching, Peace, Responsibility / Friday, April 5th, 2019
Seeing the Truth Within

Coaching is a partnership.  What is the meaning of “partnership” within a coaching relationship?  As a coach, I partner with the client, bringing forth inquiry into a life circumstance, or perhaps discordant feelings, and truly, our conversation is around anything the client chooses to share during the coaching session, offering the opportunity for in-depth sharing within an intimate and unconditionally loving space.  Partnering implies that as a coach, it is my Joy and my every intention, to support you in uncovering obstacles to Love exploring what is in the way of feeling Harmony, Peace, contentment. 

Now, let’s turn the table.  What is the client’s responsibility?  For coaching to be effective, the client must necessarily embrace the path of growth, the path of greater awareness, the willingness to view their life story, the circumstances, from a new perspective.  No one can do this “work” for another.  It is the soul’s journey to have experienced what has occurred in the lifetime, indicating where a greater awareness is desired to be honed.  With a humbleness may we proceed into this exploration, with the desire to invest in the self, and Loving one’s self into new perspectives. 

One of the gifts that I came into this lifetime with is the ability to hold and create sacred safe space, supporting the client in permitting themselves to feel and express vulnerability, opening to perhaps an unknowing, and thereby swimming in that field of not-knowing.  Sitting in this stew, eventually, Light is shined forth, revealing greater awareness than existed prior. 

It is with a willingness to explore the different aspects of one’s self that makes for an ideal coaching client.  Willingness and thereby, desire, are key to creating change in one’s life.  “Ultimately, there is no one who can teach you except yourself”, thank you Byron Katie.  Therefore, the role of the coach, is to see the client, thereby assisting the client to feel into a greater sense of who they are.  Are you a human body having an experience here on Earth?  Or, are you a spiritual being, utilizing the gift of the body, to explore the depths of BEing? 

Gratitude is a key component for the success in the coaching partnership – gratitude for the process; gratitude for that which Life has delivered enabling and supporting our growth process.  The attitude of Gratitude enables integration and thereby, personal transformation. 

As you feel called to be seen and co-create the coaching experience with the intention for personal transformation, reach out to us at, where we support you in walking your own wisdom. 

Everyone has equal wisdom. It is absolutely equally distributed. No one is wiser than anyone else. Ultimately, there is no one who can teach you except yourself —Byron Katie​