Co-Creation, Community / Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
She came outta nowhere 
Or perhaps it was 
Simply unknown to me. 
We connected 
Yet I did not see what was there. 
She reached out knowingly. 
I accepted with curiosity. 
We held hands  
While I drove a stick 
Shifting with the left 
Holding with the right 
Knee lending assurance 
To the underside of the steering wheel. 
We visited forestland. 
She taught me to be Honoring 
Of Mother Nature and All That Is. 
She made a small pouch  
From leather  
Filled with lavender 
For our offerings at the forest portal. 
She taught me about reverence. 
She would say, “Look what the hand found!” 
As if the hand had a mind of its own, 
An energy of its very own. 
What the hand pulled out 
Was always the purrfect finding. 
She taught me about the hand. 
She knew how to tend the beds 
I was a new-be. 
We laid drip. 
We scooped potted keiki 
Into prepared soil. 
She taught me about the garden. 
Heading to Lahaina area 
For my first encounter.  
Up I went on that board,
On that wave with her timely urging. 
She taught me to surf. 
We observed the scene at Piahe 
The wave rider pulling the surfer and board 
So as to gain massive speed in order to ride the giants. 
She taught me about Grandmother Tree 
Who spoke to her of me. 
We journeyed with vivid colours 
Amidst flirting foliage 
And Grandmother dancing. 
We came away from the journey 
Never to be the same again. 
She was in love with me 
And I was falling ever so sweetly into her. 
We five
Channeled atop Haleakala
Where no others were seen.
I still have the recording
Of The Bishops, she ‘n me.
We encountered Pueo galore that day
Like no other one since.
We departed the Long’s parking lot
With her looking bigger than life
As she stood in the parking lot
Hands raised so as to gain our attention
As we waited for the light to turn green,
Asking for the return of her phone
As her tried and true-blue oldie
Rested in the back-seat car door handle.

We got the call.
We located her van in perfect order
Bereft of her
The ocean crashing on the steeply rocked slope.
We searched long and hard.
To no avail,
Finding only a piece remaining of that true-blue oldie.
Her hand-sewn leather pouch  
Graces my keepsake box. 
Her Pueo feathers & lavender adorn within. 
Her energy imbues the forest portal 
Of which I often visit. 
Each time Pueo reveals themself 
She consciously reminds me 
Of her omnipresent Love.  
She is with me always 
She is here. 
Ten years later, 
In walks another. 
Unbeknownst to me 
Is the friendship I have been calling in. 
She is the only one to respond. 
Well, one is certainly better than none! 
We share an intimate circle of two 
As we unveil that which wishes to be shared. 
She is present. 
She is beautiful 
From the inside and out. 
She is conscious. 
She has done her work. 
She does not lean. 
She does not demand. 
She wishes to grow. 
She is open & Loving. 
She is grounded and yielding. 
She is easy to be amidst. 
She exclaims, “Yes”, 
Each time I ask. 
She has a new name, 
 “The Yes Girl!”  
I called you in 
Yet I did not know 
It was you who responded. 
We co-create! 
A dream come true, 
With ease & Grace,  
Alignment and All. 
Thank you for being the one. 
That one who fulfills  
A space barren 
For years. 
There have been others, 
But none so aligned 
As these two who meet  
me where I Am. 
I am accepted. 
I am seen. 
I am Loved. 
I am Grateful.