The Ones

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Dharma, Farm & Garden, New Earth / Wednesday, August 19th, 2020
Is this the dream 
Of a dreamer who has long been forgotten? 
Who is that dreamer? 
Is the dreamer the soul 
Desperately seeking 
By the one controlling? 
And who is that controller? 
The one keeping me safe,
Maintaining my smallness. 
Yet the soul calls out to be acknowledged 
As she wishes to growTo enter into 4D  
The density of Love and Compassion. 
The soul speaks: 
“We are at the onset. 
Hold tight to the cart. 
This is goin’ to be one unforgettable ride. 
Fret not, youngin’, 
The humans have already won 
They're just remembering how.” 
The ego shrouds the self in fear. 
OMG, they all have masks! 
Where is the connection now? 
The soul waits patiently 
For the fear to subside. 
“There may be a deadly virus!” cries out the ego. 
Ahh, but that is not what our good truth-saying doctors ascribe. 
They report an exosome 
Or, is it intentionally veiled 
To control the masses 
With fear and divisiveness? 
A killing is televised.
Is it real or enacted? 
Racial flames are fanned 
As division is rampant, 
Be it political, 
Or otherwise contentiously based. 
Police hatred is on the rise. 
Is this a setup to reduce our police force, 
And in turn, increase military troops  
On the homeland’s sacred soils? 
Trump reins. 
The ego is uncompromising 
In its thoroughness. 
Veiled is the Truth. 
Could he be a white hat in outlandish disguise? 
Small businesses are no more, 
Sole proprietorships are halted, 
Family operations cease, 
Work places are closed, 
Making way for igniting and fueling 
AddictionsFamily feuding,
Violence gone wild. 
The voice is slammed mute. 
The first amendment disavowed 
With censorship rampant, 
Everyone taking their opinion, 
Their confusion, 
Their mis-information, 
Their dis-information, 
For perceived truth. 
Free screenings are offered 
That have no conclusive measure 
Testing for a virus 
That may, 
Or may not, be such, 
Where a positive analysis means  
You have the illness, or you don't, 
Having as many false-positives 
As there are false-negatives. 
Are we actually evaluating the existence of a virus? 
Or, could it be a non-living snippet of RNA 
That assists in the body’s evolution? 
Where are you? 
Where are your voices? 
Where are your thoughts? 
What permeates your minds? 
What fills your heart? 
If you are disagreed with,
Does this mean that you are invalidated? 
Where are the creative outside-the-box thinkers? 
Where are those who see beyond
Agenda of elite, 
The control of the human
As a machine rather than anima? 
What is mine to do? 
Feel the fear.
Feel the Love. 
Envision the future. 
Create well and drink in. 
Shine forth 
Despite the mask. 
Love all
Regardless the sleepiness. 
Welcome the family.
EnJoy and Appreciate the alignment. 
State my truthRelease attachment. 
Toil the garden. 
Plant food. 
Nurture the self. 
Recognize the big picture. 
For look out human raceWe are upon a wild journey 
From 3 to 4D. 
We chose to live 
Upon a blue planet 
During this time of the Great Awakening. 
The gift that is unwrapping 
Is the awareness of our participation. 
No one said it would be easy. 
Humanity’s work? 
Be the ones we have been waiting for. 
Be the change we wish to see in this world. 
Be fearless in the face of adversity. 
Be kind in the face of hatred. 
Be strong in the personal sense of conviction. 
Be true to one’s self. 
Release attachment to what other’s think. 
It is all choice. 
As 3D is the density of choice, 
I choose to:  
Be True to my soul, to my guiding Light, 
Envisioning the Blossoming of the new human race, 
Each one in touch with their very soul, 
Being the gift they are, 
Offering the gift they are, 
Sharing the gift they are, 
Without need for acceptance by others, 
Simply knowing, 
That we are the ones we have been waiting for!