Meeting Yourself

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Responsibility / Sunday, May 31st, 2020

“Allowance — not a passive acceptance of things as they are, but a recognition that there is something quite beautiful at work. There is an Intelligence, a Love that knows you better than yourself and is presenting you, moment to moment, with jewels and gems and lessons and blessings, that something is weaving the tapestry of your life, and nothing is happening by accident.” 
~Yeshua ben Joseph via Jayem from The Way of the Heart 

During this time of experiencing the events brought about by economic world collapse and the outcomes from Covid-19 upon planet Earth, we have many options for our response to the unfolding of events.  There are many perspectives, perhaps as many as there are humans on this planet, of what is occurring during these unprecedented times of confusion, change, loss of common freedoms, rampant fear, and the myriad of feelings emanating from separation such as loneliness and depression. 

From quantum physics we are learning that the observer affects the results of the experiment simply by being who and what they are – the observer.   In the double slit experiment during which a light particle or photon is sent through a single slit in a screen to a receiving medium – the target – it appears that the particle hits the target in particle-like fashion, one photon at a time.  However, when the photon is expelled toward a screen having two slits (rather than one), what is received at the target is a wave form, not a particle.  That is, until the experiment is observed.  With that observation, comes forth the particle “choosing” to enter one of the two possible slits and landing as a distinct particle on the target.  The conclusion from the double slit experiment indicates that as the observer we are, we affect the result of the experiment, which in turn defines the outcome. This miraculous realization that our act of observation affects, literally creates, the viewed outcome, is actually the crux of Reality!  Now, isn’t that a completely different world than what we have been taught?! 

As one considers life to be the “experiment”, we, as the observer of that experiment, affect the result.  As life unfolds, it reflects our thoughts, our emotions, our prejudices, our judgments, our perspectives.  Taken to a larger scale, as we observe what is occurring on the exterior seen as people, places and things, ample clues are provided offering glimpses into what is occurring interiorly, in the psyche, in the emotions, in the thoughts.  For, as one accepts that one is the creator of their reality, the thoughts, feelings and attitudes are clearly unveiled. 

Now let’s bring this to the current events of the day.  What is being reflected within us as we experience the tremendous changes upon this planet during the spell of Covid-19?   

Isolation / Seclusion: We are currently isolated in our homes.  How have we been isolating ourselves prior to Covid-19?  Have we isolated our feelings and emotions, withheld them from our self and from others because they do not conform to what is acceptable to friends, family, society at large?  Have we isolated from our true self, the self that knows each of us as a spark of Divine Light?  What are we frightened to feel and learn during what could be deemed, an amazing opportunity and gift to get to know one’s self during this time of the forced stay-at-home order?  Just what happens when we get to know our self?  With time, with forgiveness, with acceptance, we begin to experience the powerful creator beings we are.  And, look at how powerful we are, why we shut down the world economy in 2 weeks-time!  Humanity’s isolation from the True Self is being mimiced by the isolation we are now experiencing during this stay-at-home order. 

And isn’t the donning of a mask, which we are being subjected to wear when outside our homes, clearly representative of this isolation and separation?  When much of our expression emanates from the lower portion of our face (our mouth) which is now hidden behind a piece of fabric, we cannot even see whether someone is smiling, frowning, grimacing, sticking their tongue out, or whatever expression is emanating forth! 

Confusion:  During this world experience of Covid-19, confusion is rampant as the events reported from a wide variety of sources do not concur, and actually are wildly differentiated.  Looking within, confusion stems from the fact that we have forgotten who we are.  Most of us think we are a body and a mind.  “We think, therefore we are.”  Yes, this substantiates that we exist.  Yet, is there a more-of-us that is neglected in Descartes statement?  Have we forgotten that we are Spirit entertaining a physical experience?  Have we forgotten how to think for ourselves due to society’s powerful emphasis and pressure to conform?  Have we become so immersed in technology, that we have forgotten how to BE?  Our confusion as to who we are is projected into the visible world of the Covid-19 experience through discordant media reports, through politicians focusing on personal self-gain rather than the good of the people, and via conclusions drawn by well-trained medical personnel prescribing what has been taught rather than forging their own intelligence-building via creative explorative thought, to name a few examples. 

Fear:  From The Way of the Heart, “… you will come to see that darkness is nothing more than a part of your own beingness which has been neglected and not loved. For when you love what you perceive as darkness, you reclaim it as a part of yourself. And by loving it, you transform it. And the power you had given it by separating it from you, returns to you where it truly abides.”   What has been neglected and not loved within one’s self?  For what is being expressed with-out may be deemed undeniably dark when one considers loss of freedoms, potentially forced vaccinations, child trafficking, blood sacrificing, slavery, war, murder, and the list goes on.  As we take quiet moments in reflection on who we are, with the intention to shine the light of awareness upon our own dark nature, and as we make the decision to feel the darkness with a sense of curiosity sans judgment, eventually, with desire, forgiveness of the self unfolds assisting with being ever more whole and unfractured.  Judgment necessarily begets separation.  As we accept, as we allow, as we soften with the tenderness of Loving compassion, that Light of Love heals.  The Way of the Heart offers the following, “Allowance … is the cultivation of a way of looking at the events of … life, not as obstacles to getting what you want, but as stepping stones, each of which presents you with a blessing of the lessons required to heal the obstacles — not to success, but to the presence of Love as the source and ground of your being. In the stage of allowance, then, we begin to cultivate an acceptance of all things in our experience. We begin to see that because we have made a commitment to awakening and incarnating only Christ, that the Universe is already conspiring to bring the people and events into our lives, on a moment to moment basis, that can best provide us with exactly what we most need to learn or become aware of.”   

In conclusion, consider that which is ready and willing to be uncovered within, having the full understanding that as we heal within, the exterior shifts, as it only can, given we are the creator of our reality.  May we each embrace the gifts, the obstacles, the myriad of situations that life reveals, re-cognizing that each and every one is a blesson, a mixture of blessing and lesson, and are wholly given to us for our greatest growth with the intention for unveiling the truth of who we are.  As we do so, as we re-cognize our creatorship role both individually and collectively, we in turn see and embrace the human we are.