Something Wonderful

Community, Covid, Dharma, New Earth, Peace / Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
There is something wonderful happening here 
The world as we know it is ending 
A new Earth is unveiling her Self 
Those who have run our countries from a place of greed 
Are no more 
Those who have run this world from a place of control  
Are relinquishing 
Albeit, unwillingly, 
As they must retire, according to the prophesy 
The meek shall inherit the Earth 
The Heart is opening 
The DNA is rewiring 
The Voice is coming online 
The Connection is being sealed. 
The Sun grows whiter 
With the gifts only He can offer 
Step-down transforming the Central Sun’s energy 
Into that which the new human can absorb. 
New energy comes on line 
Leaving behind the archaic forms of the past 
It costs not a thing 
Can this really be so? 
New organisms appear 
Rendering pollution, a thing of the past 
The new human re-cognizes and embraces  
The co-creation of man and Mother 
Where once there was dominance 
There now is co-habitation. 
Humanity embraces this new ontology 
Deeming competition  
Something of an era gone mad 
Brother and Sister unite 
To co-create in a field of unconditional Love & Acceptance. 
Allowance of each and every one 
Is fully embraced 
As we re-cognize the Beauty in our uniqueness 
Rather than the pressure for vanilla-ness 
We step forth as the unique gift we are 
Sharing fully  
With the simple desire to offer 
That which we are 
To the Recipient ready and willing and desirous to receive. 
The skies are clear 
The waters are crystalline azure 
The roads are empty 
The landscape is edible 
The animals return 
Freedom abounds 
Humanity flourishes 
One-ness prevails 
All is well.