Co-Creation, New Earth / Tuesday, December 1st, 2020
What is U-Love? 
One hundred percent 
One hundred percent 
One hundred percent 

U-Love says there is no thing to forgive, 
Recognizing the perfection of all that unfolds in
Days passed,  
This very moment,
All the tomorrows. 
Were we taught this? 
Were we raised within our familial constellation 
With this unconditionally Loving ontology? 
Was it exhibited to us at a young age? 
At any age? 
What I was taught 
Was conditional Love at its best. 
A mother, 
Who controlled via her love, or lack thereof. 
Virgo sun, Gemini moon … it’s all about control. 
This is the low road, 
The one that was chosen this lifetime, 
Given that was how she was “trained” via her own upbringing. 
When she stopped being able to control, 
Me being a ripe young age of 44, 
She departed the scene. 
As diligently as I have endeavored to repair relations 
It has been to no avail. 
And, so it is. 
My dad... 
More now than ever, 
I do feel his acceptance. 
Although I do not fit the mold, 
As my beliefs are rather contrary to his, 
At this stage of life, 
He can see my contentment. 
I feel his allowance of who I am. 
I am Grateful. 
A beautiful man enters my life at the sweet young age of 15. 
He loves me unconditionally. 
Am I able to reciprocate through our tumultuous 12 years together? 
To be able to reciprocate would entail the act of  
Loving one’s self. 
That was far, far away from the young lass I was. 
We played superbly together, 
Dancing in moguls and powder alike, 
Riding that helicopter high in the Canadian Rockies, 
Sharing our Love of Nature in Colorado’s wild places, 
Co-creating magical homemade cuisine. 
Coming forth is a reflection 
Of a kitchen with flour dusting EVERYTHING 
As we home-make pasta for the first time 
In our li’l condo in Boulder. 
As much as we have in common, 
It is not enough, 
Not because of him, 
Not due to his lack of U-Love, 
Instead, due to lack of my U-Love for my self. 
Years later, 
A girl is conceived 
One who I treasure from that moment onward. 
I adoringly look upon her 
As she just came out of the womb. 
My heart begins to open 
In a way I had not experienced prior. 
I endeavor to fit in, 
To mold myself to society’s ways, 
To be a “good girl”, 
Yet hide behind the cocaine, 
And then behind the vino, 
Until the point when I can hide no more, 
And with the extreme pressure, 
Something is birthed 
Replacing the need to hide. 
That birthing, 
Steeped in unconditional Love, 
Is a showering from the heavens. 
It begins with the meeting of a man on a mountain. 
His beautiful smile. 
He is different. 
He does not conform. 
He is clearly an artist, 
An artist of the earth, 
An artist of dimension. 
He teaches me  
Via Who He Is, 
That things are not as they seem in this 3rd dimensional living, 
That I do not have to continue being a slave to the system, 
That I can BE me 
And be wholly Loved as that which I Am. 
He is my mentor. 
He is my example. 
He is purrfect in his imperfection. 
I release the stranglehold 
Of being that which I believe I am supposed to be, 
So as to become that which I Am, 
A being of U-Love 
In which I am learning 
To love that which is, 
Sans judgment, 
With acceptance. 
Yes, it is a practice 
Until this one wholly loves that which she is, 
Leaving behind thoughts of 
“What have I done wrong?”  
And replacing with, 
“How may I love myself more?” 
My son coined it as such, 
My daughter cracked my heart open to its inception. 
My children are giving me exquisite practice. 
Recognizing that we are all doing our best, 
I choose U-Love, 
I choose the Joy found in U-Love, 
I choose a new ontology, 
One of respect, 
One of compassion, 
One of understanding. 
As we each unpack the Knowing that  
We are the unique aspect of the Love that is, 
That our uniqueness does not alienate us, 
That vanilla-ness is out, 
That diversity is in, 
I embrace the entirety of my Self, 
Permitting me to embrace the entirety of All That Is.