This Vantage

Co-Creation, Coaching, Covid, Hawaii, Maui / Sunday, November 22nd, 2020
View From 3000′ Elevation Upon Shores of Dormant Volcano, Haleakalā
I look out from this mountain perch over
Olive trees laden with fruit,
Ti trees donning brilliant red and others verdant green,
A Rainbow Eucalyptus,
The Moonbow created from an evening’s full moon magnificence
Amidst the moisture that carries across from the wet side of the isle,
Over what were, sugarcane fields,
Now ‘āina being renovated and rejuvenated from the toxic cane tending,
Over a meandering snake-shaped highway
Named after the dormant volcano
Which provides the Earthen ground for those traveling
To and fro the port city,
Peering over an airport,
Transporting fewer tourists than ever,
Upon coastland surrounded by the big blue,
Thousands of miles from the masses
Who live in the West,
Who live in the East,
Placing these lovely islands of Hawai’i somewhere in Lemuria Land.

This expansive view
Offers more than the eye’s delight.
It is a reflection of our own interior atmosphere,
Not being a part of,
Yet being integral;
Not feeling the suffering,
Yet knowing the pain exists;
Not wearing the mask,
Yet witnessing those who do;
Not succumbing to the propaganda,
Yet aware of its power upon the people;
Not being trapped by political puppet’s rhetoric,
Yet witnessing the insanity;
Not yielding to fear gone rampant,
Yet aware of the effect;
Not buying into the untruths of a virus,
Yet knowing there are ones in need;
Aware of the larger picture,
Participating in an alternative way,
A way that holds the vision,
The vision for our New Earth.

Looking out from this mountaintop perspective,
The pressure for conventionality,
The escalation of fear,
The demand for conformity,
All far, far away.
Compassion emanates forth
For those who have not yet reveled in
Eyes that see,
Ears that hear,
And a heart that Knows.
Blessed I am with a philosophy of the unfolding,
One that enables Peace within.

I am filled with a great desire to share that understanding with others,
Yet, not all others are open to an alternative outlook
As they remain within the clutches of fearOf a pandemic that is not,
Of a virus that is anything but,
Of increased control that goes unchecked,
Of outright lies that are all-too-easily accepted, allowed, permitted.

Despite the general population’s lack of awareness
For a larger picture that has manufactured
This crazed unfolding of divisiveness,
Pitting humanity one against another,
Changes are unveiled poco a poco,
Perhaps via a re-membered awareness,
Or a broader outlook,
An ah-ha,
Or, feeling the gift of pressure from Life’s obstacles,
All creating the opportunity for
Deviation from habitual re-action,
To thoughtful response,
Encompassing a kinder more Loving energy,
As the recognition that
Shifts with-in
Create a new ontology
Which in turn renders changes with-out.

In this time,
My druthers are
To travel not,
Not off isle,
Neither to the nearby port city nor the organic grocery store,
As I make the choice not to condone
Mandates that do not have my permission.

I feel the Gratitude for our coming together
In Circle
Not on-line, but intimately in physical tenderness,
Be it the Writer’s Circle,
Bodhi’s Death Class,
Fireside under the stars,
Moments one-on-one with my hanai niece,
Amidst like-hearted ones as we remove stems and leaves from freshly harvested olives,
Sharing an exploratory outing with the girls upon our lovely isle,
A jaunt in the forest with my son.

Grateful I am for
Partnership with my beLoved
As I get to feel the depth and width and breadth of ease-filled alignment,
As together we judiciously study that which is presently unfolding upon this beautiful blue planet,
From a broader vantage,
All the while recognizing
That the darkness that currently pervades this Earth plane
Is struggling to retain its grip upon a sleek glass wall
Which is being shattered with the Light of God,
With the escalating recognition of One-ness.

I feel evermore deeper connection with All That Is:
Playfulness in the aliveness of the garden-scape
As I endeavor to listen to what it is that these second density beings most want from my wishful and eager attendance,
Or, tapping into heart space
Via meditation, yoga, and today, even writing!

Blessed I am to embrace the knowing that
We are the change we wish to see in this world,
That change begins with me,
Thoughts are things creating our reality,
We are Love incarnate,
Sharing an illusory dream,
One that may be considered a “bad” dream,
As that dream dissolves with our Knowing:
The humans have already won
We are just remembering how!