Your ordinary daily life is the most perfect ashram you could ever be within —Yeshua

Co-Creation / Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Each morning shortly after sunrise, I feed our hens.  On the way to the coop, I pass through one of our organically tended garden spaces housing kale, chard, lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, celery, parsley, dandelion greens, Piracicaba sprouting broccoli, and more.  I have been noting that a young Piracicaba’s main broccoli head (they only have one and then there are oodles of small shoots for months to come is maturing beautifully.  I observe the floret’s loose head with large beads quite different from the hybrid broccoli seen in stores.  The Piracicaba florets have a feel of lace, as though an impressionist painter has softened, loosened, enlarged, velvetized the floret via gentle open brush strokes.

This morning, as I bend over to view the center of the Piracicaba, I find that the floret is no longer there!  Someone here in our community has harvested her!  OMG, I thought that it was going to be “mine”!  Ahhh, judgment sets in… didn’t everyone know that the broccolini was mine? 

Ahhh, I recognize judgment.  Given the sun sign that I was born under (Virgo) and being raised by a couple of Virgo sun-sign parents, judgment tends to run deep.     

How we choose to respond to what shows up in life is OUR choice.  Whether we choose to react, is OUR choice.  Whether we choose to be in resistance to what-is, is our choice. As we are willing to recognize that we ARE the creator of our experience, then the question becomes, “What am I choosing to learn from this experience?” for the learning, the blessing, may be whatever you choose it to be.  It is uniquely your experience given the individual you are. 

What am I choosing to learn from the missing broccoli crown?  I make the choice to recognize that there is always Abundance (there are more main florets on more young Piracicaba plants :).  Someone clearly had a greater desire of that broccoli floret than I!  I do believe it is the perfect moment to release attachment!  And, judgment!!! 

As we re-cognize the support that Life offers in each and every moment, may we awaken to the actuality that we truly ARE the Creator of our reality.