Qualities of a Question

Co-Creation, Coaching / Monday, February 25th, 2019

In ontological coaching (on·to·log·i·cal: relating to the nature of being), the coach’s questions are key to the client unraveling the stories they tell themselves, creating the opportunity to discover a broader renewed perspective.   

What constitutes a “good” question?  In my coaching experience, it is that question which prompts one to enter into quiet stillness for a moment and FEEL the body, FEEL the emotions, creating a greater opportunity for opening to and receiving the response, with an innocent curiosity, loosening the mind’s grip on the who, when, why and instead exploring internally, the how, where, and the what.  How does this feel?  Where is it felt in the body?  What emotion is arising and pointing the way for reveal-ation?   

An open-ended ontologically based question supports in querying any of: the emotional body; the physical body; the verbal (internal and external) languaging.   

Ontological coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client.  The foundation of the partnership is one in which the client takes responsibility for the change they wish to be and the coach takes ownership of the questions that are posed to the client so that they may hone in upon that which is willing to be morphed, or at a minimum, the light shined upon.   

It is my Joy to co-create a partnership in which the client feels seen, heard, recognized, all the while supporting that person in removing as-of-yet unseen obstacles to their awareness of a greater realization of truth. 

Wishing us all Ease and Grace in the ever unfolding awareness of Who We Are!