Awakening With 2020

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I have felt the call to write, however have been sidetracked by our beLoved Earth Mama into having hands and feet in the soil, tending garden spaces that are ever more beautifying with the planting of new veggie starts which are grounding into the organically tended soil that supplies the ample food source for the plant’s abundance.  Over the years, my partner and I have wondered why we prepared so many garden beds.  We no longer wonder.    That reason is intrinsic to what humanity is being led to believe via government officials, the mainstream […]

May 12, 2020

Disturbance in the Field

Co-Creation, Coaching, NVC, Peace, Responsibility

My partner, Andrew, and I allow for intimate moments each week to be with each other in what has become a deeply passionate and powerful Love expression.  Our expression of intimate Love sharing has grown magnificently over the 12+ years of our romantic relationship.  It feels that we GET to leave this density and experience a vibration and field that is beyond 3D.  Recently, […]

February 28, 2020


Co-Creation, Coaching, Community, Dharma, Patience, Peace, Responsibility

On Christmas Eve, while enJoying a forest exercise routine that I have performed numerous times over the years, something shifted in my right knee causing me to be unable to place any weight on my right leg.  As Life would have it, I was perhaps just one-half mile into the forest and mostly hopped my way out on one leg, sometimes relying on the shoulder of my Sweetie who […]

January 9, 2020


Co-Creation, Coaching, Dharma, Patience

“Every time you think you’ve failed, celebrate!  Celebrate your so-called failure as though it were a success.  For remember, it is up to you to decide what you will perceive.  Events are just neutral.  Therefore, you are free to celebrate what you call your failures.  And when you celebrate them, they are your successes.  Any […]

November 18, 2019

Time’s Value

Co-Creation, Coaching, Community, Responsibility

“How can Love operate so that it brings awakening to the minds involved? That is, indeed,a purely creative process, and is the only true value time can have.”  –Yeshua ben Joseph from The Way of Transformation  During coaching sessions, my responses, my inquiries, are all for the sake of uncovering obstacles to Love.  Going into a coaching session, there most definitely is a non-knowing in what will […]

July 4, 2019

The Art of Vulnerability

Co-Creation, Coaching, Peace

“If you fear vulnerability, you merely create the impossibility of ever tasting the peace of knowing that you are invulnerable to this world.  Begin, then, to practice vulnerability.  Open wide and reveal yourself to your world, to yourself.”  -Yeshua from The Way of Transformation  When you consider the word, “vulnerability”, what comes up for you?  Fear of […]

April 30, 2019

Walk-Aways from a One-Day Immersion

Co-Creation, Community, Retreat

What might inspire you to partake in a Walking Wisdom One-Day Immersion?  It is a full day of play – play on the ‘āina in the gardens, play in the kitchen amidst alive foodstuffs, play as we ingest the fruits & vegetables of our garden labour all the while focusing on the sensing via our […]

April 10, 2019


Co-Creation, Coaching, Peace, Responsibility

Coaching is a partnership.  What is the meaning of “partnership” within a coaching relationship?  As a coach, I partner with the client, bringing forth inquiry into a life circumstance, or perhaps discordant feelings, and truly, our conversation is around anything the client chooses to share during the coaching session, offering the opportunity for in-depth sharing […]

April 5, 2019

Why Coaching (Part II)?

Co-Creation, Coaching, Retreat

In Part I of this article, several ways were explored in which a coach supports a client. Continuing this conversation, we now explore an intrinsic ontology in which the coach supports the client.  And that is: Observation. As the coach I am, observes the BEing You Are, the “observer effect” comes into play.  The Hawthorne […]

March 24, 2019