Time’s Value

Co-Creation, Coaching, Community, Responsibility / Thursday, July 4th, 2019

“How can Love operate so that it brings awakening to the minds involved? That is, indeed,a purely creative process, and is the only true value time can have.”  –Yeshua ben Joseph from The Way of Transformation 

During coaching sessions, my responses, my inquiries, are all for the sake of uncovering obstacles to Love.  Going into a coaching session, there most definitely is a non-knowing in what will unfold be it what queries will come forth, to what responses will be generated.  It is a “purely creative process”.  As I am still, listening with the ears of my heart, those queries that come forth are intended for the greatest good for all. The entire intention of a coaching session is uncovering those obstacles, those veils, that mask the truth of who we are.   

Just what is that truth?  Are we a human do-ing or are we a human BEing?  We have learned from society, from teachers, from family, from well-intentioned others, that who we are is based upon what we do (e.g. livelihood).  Instead, what if a being focused on core values and ethics?  What if we learned to respond to Life’s unfolding roller coaster of offerings, rather than re-act? These are just a few examples of what we delve into during coaching.  It is the meat of the matter! 

May we recognize the value of time together as the gift it is… this gift being the extension of the Love that we are.