My Hero

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Dharma, New Earth, Peace, Responsibility / Tuesday, June 16th, 2020
The Original Superhero – The Hero Within Each Of Us

What makes a hero, a hero? 

Recently, a woman has come into my experience who exemplifies all the traits I admire in a hero.  Christiane Northrup is a doctor who was raised to question everything and has stepped away from mainstream medical to share disclosures concerning germ versus terrain theory, vaccination myths, “plandemic” versus pandemic, all forms of EMF, women’s health at all ages – a mystic, undercover as a decorated medical doctor.  In considering what made her a hero for me, the following came forth. 

A hero is one who speaks their truth despite what others think of them, despite the controversy that may come forth from their truth-saying, despite the consequences.  From Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements, the second agreement states, “Don’t take anything personally” for “Nothing other people do or say is because of you.  It is because of themselves.”  Another way of saying this is, “What you think of me is none of my business.”  If something that is said has an effect upon one, it implies that something within has been triggered so as to be observed, explored, felt, until it can be released without further ado.  It has nothing to do with the person who offered the triggering remark.  They have simply been placed in one’s path so that a healing could be explored with the intention of liberation from that outdated thought pattern.  What makes that thought pattern outdated is the fact that a trigger or painful place within has been touched, all for the sake of liberating that thought form and coming to a place of forgiveness and thereby, Love.   

The hero speaks from the heart and shares from a place of vulnerability, yet assuredness.  There is an openness, meaning an open-mind, open to other’s perspectives, all the while checking in with the self, determining what is true for them.  Does this imply that truth is relative?  Actually, many truths are relative, respective of one’s upbringing, one’s life experiences, dreams, ethnicity, thoughts, biases, spiritual outlook, and much, much more.  We may say that there are as many truths as there are perspectives.  The hero honors each and every being’s perspective.  There is no thing to change in another; however, there is the respectful listening and compassion that comes forth from the heart, from acceptance of each and every other being.  The assuredness in speech comes forth from a place of knowing who one is AND allowing others to be exactly who they are in the moment, sans judgment. 

My hero is a combination of spiritual awareness and high intelligence, co-mingling these in a beautiful tapestry of Truth-saying without regret, without apology.  A quote from The Pleiadian High Council that is spotlighted on the face of my refrigerator states the following: “When you have developed the ability to clearly and unobstructedly ‘speak your truth’ with LOVE, in a way that is non-threatening and simplified to the point of digestibility, all others will fall in resonance with your words.”  And now, from Don Miguel Ruiz’s first agreement, which is the basis for his following three agreements, “Be impeccable with your word.”  The hero is true to their own inner light with the whole desire to be in service to their guidance system, to that which animates the human body, to that which is the greater Self.   

The hero speaks in a rhythm in which the message can be easily absorbed.  She knows her audience and meets them where they are and then ever so gently, nudges their open mind, their open heart, their open ontology, into a greater understanding of Reality.  She may speak slowly, she may speak haltingly, yet what comes forth is from the heart stated in a manner which may easily be received.  She has not the ego which says, “Look at me.  See how great I am?”  Contrarily, with Grace, she shares from a place of knowing, yet not one-upmanship.  She recognizes that we are all created equally, no one better than another, each simply unique in their expression of the Divine.  

The hero is willing to see what is truly present, both light and darkness, recognizing that God is in all.  This omnipresence pervades the hero’s very knowing and with full acceptance and acknowledgment that we live in a dimension of duality, she accepts all levels of consciousness, however, declares her own sovereignty, denying consent for that which is dark to invade her very being.  With full compassion, she declares, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  There is not a denial of what exists, rather an embracing of what-is, accompanied by a declaring of personal boundaries. 

She has a willingness to be in the spotlight and offer her wisdom, yet not be a victim to others’ perspectives being contrary to hers.  She actually embraces the differences, recognizing that beliefs stem from our upbringing, our unique life experiences, and much more, all having nothing to do with what she is offering.  There is no one to convince.  However, there is the drive, the passion, to state her knowing regardless of how it is received.  She has learned that she simply offers her perspective and detaches from what others think of her. 

She questions EVERYTHING. She no longer has a blanket trust regarding what she is told, what the media broadcasts, what world leaders orate, what religious leaders pontificate, but rather has learned to consider all aspects and check in with her own body’s knowingness for truth.  She has learned to listen to her body, for its wisdom, for its messages, and claims the Truth as she feels it. 

She recognizes that her power ends where her fear begins and thereby conducts contemplative practices in which she feels the fear, looks for the root of that fear, and by shining the light of awareness upon it, thereby releases it.  The objective is an integration of the fear, an awareness of it, yet claiming that fear not as her own, but as a teacher that is no longer effective, diminishing its hold upon her. 

As I experience Christiane Northrup, I witness the hero, the hero who is within each and every one of us, the one who hides nothing, unashamedly sharing from a place of knowing who she is, meeting her audience where they are, sans the need to persuade, simply with the desire to share, so as to offer others their own recognition of truth, and thereby their own honest expression.  May we each recognize the hero within and respond from our distinct place of knowing, therein creating the New Earth filled with truth-sayers extraordinaire, the new hero! 

For an extraordinary interview with Christiane Northrup dated May 18, 2020, see: Christiane Northrup interview with Matt Belaire