Co-Creation, Coaching, Community, Dharma, Patience, Peace, Responsibility / Thursday, January 9th, 2020

On Christmas Eve, while enJoying a forest exercise routine that I have performed numerous times over the years, something shifted in my right knee causing me to be unable to place any weight on my right leg.  As Life would have it, I was perhaps just one-half mile into the forest and mostly hopped my way out on one leg, sometimes relying on the shoulder of my Sweetie who caught up to me after his return from an alternate route in the forest, as well as another lent shoulder from a friend who is a regular in the forest.   

What had happened, in a matter of seconds, to disable my ability to place weight on that right leg – the masculine side of the body – the do-ing side – the take-action side? 

As soon as we got home, I iced it. 

I did not want to visit the emergency room.   

Christmas morning, we head to emergency.   

Six hours and one MRI later, I learn the right meniscus has a “small” tear.  I am given a brace and crutches and told it will heal.  It will heal?  On its own?  Without further medical intervention?  I am in disbelief.   

Over the next six days, I continue icing, utilizing brace nearly constantly including during sleeping hours, using crutches only to leave the hospital and then never again, until we see the orthopedic doctor.  He suggests, “It will heal”, and after six weeks if it does not, arthroscopic surgery is his specialty.  I receive a prescription for a handful of physical therapy treatments. 

It has been two weeks since that forest visit. 

I had a number of “Transformation Coaching in Nature” sessions that were canceled due to my inability to be mobile while walking the beach or forest trails with my client.  This is where I feel the greatest pain – not the knee – it doesn’t even hurt (unless I twist the “wrong” way).   Where I feel the greatest pain, is in the heart, the heart of my longing to be in service.   

Just recently, I have been gifted with the opportunity to serve clients via coaching in Nature.  It lights me up to be in service in this way…. to partner with my client in uncovering obstacles to self-Love all the while walking on a beach where honu (sea turtle) rest or walking in the forest amidst the “Standing Ones”.  I have recently completed my second Saturn return and just NOW, am I coming into my Gifts, into my Joy of service.   

I have an agreement to mySelf to take responsibility for what occurs in Life.  The query that emanates from deep within reads something like, “What am I to learn from creating this perceived obstacle to being in service during this holiday season, the busy season on island?” 

The first message that arises is, “Patience, young Jedi”.  This is not the first time I have received this message.  In fact, “patience” is displayed at my desk along with “surrender” and “trust”, all of which have been my guiding principles as I develop my coaching business.  Yet, given the status of my knee (a form of guidance), a number of client sessions have been canceled as I am physically unable to accompany the client on a walk in Nature. 

My practice that has emanated forth is for staying in Peace and not judging, for in this Now, I simply do not understand the “why”.  Being at Peace with this body’s limited mobility and the canceling of coaching sessions, is really the only sane choice.  I can resist what is, but what good does that do me?  As anger arises, what does the anger have to say?  The anger says that it wishes to control this situation.  The feeling of anger arises at what appears to be a limitation and the loss of opportunity in working with clients (my newfound Joy).  Paraphrased from ACIM (A Course in Miracles), from the ego’s standpoint, we do not know the purpose of things.  Anger is a way to endeavor gaining control.  We do not know the whole purpose of things at the level of our perspective.  My human perspective pales in comparison to the One whose view is all encompassing. 

One of the many blessons (blessings/lessons) that I am receiving is the clear message to slow down.  Slow down my movement as there is no urgency, only my perceived sense of restriction regarding time.  Slow down as I move through our little hale (pronounced “hah-lay” and translates to “home” in Hawaiian).  Slow down as I walk the land upon which grows an abundance of organic fruits and veggies that call out to be tended, weeded, harvested, turned into value-added products.  Slow down as I consciously note feet placement, leg movement, position of hips, steadfastness of ankles, angle of knee.  Slow down and spend moments with those of us in our li’l land Community of which there are 7, who share this ‘āina (pronounced “ī nah” and meaning “land” in Hawaiian) as we “coincidentally” meet each other while harvesting, collecting mail, stocking farm stand, feeding chickens, just to name a few of the many farm activities that call out.  I tend to be single minded and resist being interrupted when I am “on task”.  I am finding that as I slow down and pay attention to that which is in front of me, rather than single-mindedly pushing to complete the task I am upon, I recognize Source operating through those with whom I connect.  I permit and allow myself to feel the appropriateness of the perceived “interruption” to my task, and instead embrace the opportunity to be in relationship in the moment.   

I miss my movement in the forest (1 mile above this ‘āina).  I know that I will return soon. 

I miss connecting with the honu at the beach.  I know that I will return to Baby & Baldwin Beaches soon. 

I pray that I remain in a slower, more deliberate pace, continuing to support me in recognizing that which is in front of me IS where my attention is to be given, and not to hurry through the perceived interruption to this very capable taskmaster! 

I pray that I will continue for many more years to feel my service as I coach in Nature, truly my heart’s desire and Joy. 

I pray that I feel the Peace of the moment for Peace is the true nature of our BEing.    

I wish to close with Gratitude.  This is my surest avenue to feeling Love.  I am Grateful for the growth that this opportunity has given me.  As an outcome of this blesson, I am Grateful to more genuinely tap into compassion for myself and also, for others.  I am Grateful to slow down.  I have always felt immense gratitude for this physical vessel – I call ‘er “Beautiful Body” (“BB” for short … and we all have one!) – and feel the truth in that ever more so, given the healing and increased mobility that has already occurred over these past 2 weeks since the tear. 

May this message support the reader in recognizing that Life is filled with growth opportunities. It is up to us as to how they are received.  We can resist all the while feeling the associated discomfort of that resistance, or, we can embrace the blessons that are fully available with each Life offering, learning via them, that which wishes to be healed, to be Loved, to be forgiven, with an outcome of all being equanimous.