Awakening With 2020

Co-Creation, Community, Covid, Peace, Responsibility / Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

I have felt the call to write, however have been sidetracked by our beLoved Earth Mama into having hands and feet in the soil, tending garden spaces that are ever more beautifying with the planting of new veggie starts which are grounding into the organically tended soil that supplies the ample food source for the plant’s abundance.  Over the years, my partner and I have wondered why we prepared so many garden beds.  We no longer wonder.   

That reason is intrinsic to what humanity is being led to believe via government officials, the mainstream media, and those who control.  Regardless whether one believes there is an epidemic or that we are simply being told that there is, it is a tremendous opportunity for personal awakening. 

Just what does “awakening” mean?  For humanity, many times awakening is ignited when great pressure is felt.  This is exactly what unfolded for me in 2008 … financially the pressure was so great, dissatisfaction with myself was so pronounced, that something deep awoke.  What awoke was my connection with the Beyond, with Source (God, All That Is, Abba, …) assisting me in learning and, even more radically, FEELING, that I am not alone, that I am One with All That Is, that the Love that imbues the plants, trees, Nature, Earth, sun, planets, even “inanimate” objects, is the same Love that courses through every human.  This understanding is challenging to share as our language does not provide adequate descriptive vocabulary.  What came forth from the Grace given to me in 2008 is greater compassion, greater Peace, greater understanding, greater Love for myself and others, and a sense of Freedom that I had not experienced thus far in this lifetime. 

Perhaps one can describe “awakening” as a change in perspective such that one re-cognizes their role in creating reality in which reality mimics the mind- and heart-set of an individual.  When one is awakening, responsibility for what-is, for the reality experienced, is central.  As one fully awakens, one re-cognizes that there is no personal “I”, that we are all One, that the Love that courses through you is the same Love that courses through me.  Another name for this Love is God or Source Energy or All That Is or Christ Light, and the list goes on. 

Coming to the present situation during an alleged pandemic, what opportunities are offered to humanity?   

The majority of us are home-bound.  What is coming up for one given that we are home-bound?  Are we learning to re-build, re-define, re-create relationship with family members, those whom we may not have spent this duration of time amidst in countless years?  We are offered a wonderful opportunity with the quiet time at home amidst family members to heal relationships, given that we are willing to forgive and see a-new. 

Are we learning to re-build, re-create relationship with the self?  Perhaps exploring such questions as, “Who am I?” or “Why have I birthed onto this Earth plane, particularly during this time – 2020 – having incredibly fast-paced change?”  How are we facing our demons, our dark side?  Can we learn to embrace and see it (the darkness within) for the gift that it is, the learning of what wants to be seen, which perhaps has been shut down or diminished with the do-ing that is so typically prevalent in our ordinary day-to-day moments before we were told to stay home? 

Are we feeling lack of freedom to express?  We are told to wear a face mask in public so that we do not “catch” someone else’s germs.  What if the “germs” were so small that a face mask is useless?  Hiding behind the face mask assures that we are not openly expressing as a third or more of our face is covered!  We are told not to hug.  We are told to give 6’ (and more) distance from another.  There is a curiosity whether those in power do not want humanity to connect, to come together, and question what is ultimately going on, upon this blue planet?  

Many of us no longer have the ability to earn a living.  Where is the freedom in this?   

This, and so much more, is being offered to us during this time of Covid-19. 

What if we all spent some number of moments each day envisioning how we wish to experience life upon this amazing planet?  What if we realized that our thoughts and intentions create our future?  What then would you like your thoughts, your feelings, your intentions to hold? 

These moments at home could be utilized to express the unique artist that we are, whether playing an instrument, painting, dancing, writing, sewing, creating a collage, and a whole host of other mediums not even mentioned here!  And what about that vision board picturing the New Earth?  

What if we each spent quiet moments each day contemplating what the gift is that is uniquely ours to offer?  For, rest assured, we each came to this planet to learn, explore and in turn, offer the beautiful unique beingness (our gift) that we are.  Society has asked for conformity.  Much of humanity has “bought in” to that call for conformity.  Now is the time to sever that tie to being anything like anyone else except our own unique beautiful self! 

May we each find it within our own personal power to honestly look within and determine what is true for us.  May we be open to embracing a truth that is potentially quite different than what we are being told via media, governments, and those who run the world. 

I leave you with an interview that when viewed with an open mind, may open your eyes to an alternative perspective of what is occurring in this world in the time of Covid-19: