2020 Gratitude

Co-Creation, Community, New Earth, Patience, Responsibility / Saturday, November 21st, 2020
We come in togetherness today
Amidst the powerful energy of Haleakala’s shores
Steeped in Hawai’i heritage
Flowering forth from Lemuria,
Those ones aligned with Mother Earth,
Tenders of her soils, flora, and fauna,
In balanced co-creation,
Being the agrarians they are,
As their spirit of harmony exemplifies for us
Co-operation, rather than superiority,
Connection, rather than exclusion,
Co-creation, rather than competition,
Alignment, rather than domination,
As we learn to listen
With the ears of our heart,
As we learn to nurture
With the tendrils of our Love,
As we embrace the cycle of Life:
Birth, growth, and eventual transition of the form.

We are gifted with the experience of co-creation
Amidst this li’l ‘āina Community,
The beLoveds we are,
The ones who have been called to re-member,
“We are the ones we have been waiting for,”
As we no longer look with-out for answers
And instead,
Search with-in
For what is True,
Taking this KNOWing
Into the greater society of humans
With innocence,
With openness,
With patience,
With tolerance,
With acceptance,
With the synergy that comes forth
From aligning our hearts,
Speaking our Truth,
And harmonizing amidst the Loving presence of each and every one
without exclusion,
With compassion and togetherness,
As we heal,
As we come on-line,
As we re-cognize,
“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Join me in offering Gratitude…
For the sweet souls, who are drawn together today here amidst this bounty,
For our Earth Mother, in bearing and birthing,
For the planets, in assisting us with their unique energy signatures,
For the powerhouse Padre Sol,
For warming, nurturing, caressing, enlivening, imbuing, energizing, revitalizing,
For the great opportunity offered
During this time of the dark releasing their stranglehold,
Fanning the embers of Light into flames of
As we embrace and take responsibility for all
That has occurred and all that shall be,
We are the Christed Ones
Coming into Remembrance,
Coming Home.

And, so it is!