Why Coaching (Part I)?

Co-Creation, Coaching, Dharma, Responsibility / Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Why would you want to have a coach?  Because… 

A coach, such as moi, is your own personal cheerleader.  I rah!-rah! you into seeing alternative perspectives on an aspect of your life story.   Why is this important?  As we learn to see our life stories from a broader perspective, one in which we are NOT the victim, we can then learn what wants to be gleaned from this experience.  What offerings are being gifted via a particular emotion?  What energy is behind one’s languaging of a life story/event?  What are the felt and thereby, targeted emotions?   How is one holding their shoulders or perhaps, their jaw, in response to reliving or re-expressing a life event?  The coach sees the one sharing the life story.  See, now what does that mean?  It is written in italic as it is far more than seeing with the eyes.  A keen coach is see-ing the body positioning, observing the use of language, studying the face for emotions, feeling beyond for that which wishes to come through, to be shared with the entire intention in supporting the client with their personal growth.  Why is personal growth important?  Take a moment and ask a simple, yet profound, query, “Why am I here on planet Earth?”   Our Life’s work is to discover Who We Are!  Actually, this is far beyond one lifetime’s work (at least for most ‘o us!)  What we don’t get “done” this lifetime, well, there will be a few billion after to continue the practice!  As personal growth is intrinsic to any lifetime, there is another reason for personal growth.  It is in the discovery of who we are that we find our Joy.  It may not be perpetual.  However, during that moment of discovery, that a-ha moment, there is a little (or, perhaps not so little) awakening.  Via the gift of the awakening, we get the opportunity to feel more in alignment with God/Source/All-That-Is.  What could possibly be more delicious?!?!!?

The Light of the Observer Shifts Perspective

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