Why Coaching (Part II)?

Co-Creation, Coaching, Retreat / Sunday, March 24th, 2019
The Observer Effect

In Part I of this article, several ways were explored in which a coach supports a client. Continuing this conversation, we now explore an intrinsic ontology in which the coach supports the client.  And that is: Observation.

As the coach I am, observes the BEing You Are, the “observer effect” comes into play.  The Hawthorne Effect, or the Observer Effect, suggests subjects may change their behavior as a result of being observed.  Quantum science is on to this now, documenting the effect that the observer has upon the results of experiments.  What if we are that experiment?  As we observe the self or another, we in turn affect the result.  As your coach, it is my every intention to witness fully the one you are, and by so doing, assist you in witnessing yourself from a non-biased perspective, shedding light (observation) and thereby beginning the transformation with the onset of that revised outlook.  As I witness and thereby observe the client amidst a life story, I hold the vision for tapping into the underlying reason(s) that this experience has been lived.  I am the coach, as witness, as observer, assisting with the probability (along with your willingness) to view from a broader perspective.

And, what does a view from a broader perspective offer?  A broader perspective may also be deemed as “personal growth”.  What effect does personal growth have upon you?  Do you even desire personal growth?  Personal growth may be unique unto each of us, however, I suggest that what comes along with personal growth is a deeper sense of Peace, an allowing of the unfolding of life with less resistance, a Trust that there is a higher purpose, and a Joy that comes with that recognition, ultimately, feeling the Love of God.  For, as it is in the Nature of the Universe to perpetually expand, it thereby encourages our very own growth.  It certainly feels more fun to co-operate with that desire than not!

May I hold you in the Light of Love assisting you in recognizing that in, and of yourself?  If so, please visit Walking Wisdom to learn more about connecting with this coach!