Co-Creation, Coaching, Dharma, Patience / Monday, November 18th, 2019

“Every time you think you’ve failed, celebrate!  Celebrate your so-called failure as though it were a success.  For remember, it is up to you to decide what you will perceive.  Events are just neutral.  Therefore, you are free to celebrate what you call your failures.  And when you celebrate them, they are your successes.  Any successful person knows that they never fail.  They merely learn and become wiser.”  –Yeshua ben Joseph from Way of Knowing

Coming forth from my second Saturn return is an ontology, a way of being, that lights me up.  Prior to this unfolding, I was in the information technology field, programming and managing small business computerization for restaurants.  Although at one point in my life, I enjoyed programming, sitting within a cubicle 5 long days each week was not what I had considered my dharma would ever be.  With the unfolding energies of my second Saturn return, I found it!   Coaching, partnering with my clientele for their greatest growth, for their releasing of that which no longer serves, SEEing my clients as the amazing gift they are and thereby offering my service, my dharma, was a profound gift for both myself and I was learning, also my clients.  Although these clients were not en masse, the ones that had found me (or perhaps better said, we found each other), had significant experiences during & following our coaching sessions. 

After graduating from Newfield Network where I learned the art of ontological coaching, I wondered how it was that I was to attract clientele.  Somewhere, deep inside me, I just thought they would show up.  How does one market in this day and age?  Facebook was what many were suggesting to me.  Hmmmm, I am not an avid FB user……. Are my clients those that scroll repetitively on FB?  This did not feel right.  Advertise in a local magazine listing healers?  Did that with little return …… at least thus far.  Email blast?  Reaching out to friends and family?   

How about a mastermind?  I even paid to learn how to create and market this mastermind.   I initially felt a lack of alignment as this particular program felt rather masculine in nature.  I then learned that two friends were embracing the program, so I thought it would be fun to be accountability partners with them in the process.  Both friends dropped away, as did I soon after. 

And what about all those online summits that seem to be the rage these days?  A wonderful business coach offered me a reduced price on her coaching and step-by-step how-to-create an online summit in 90 days.  Ahhh, a break in price and the joy of co-creating amidst a group of like-minded women was so enticing, that the yes emanated forth and I paid for yet another way to potentially open to a greater mailing list of what could be coaching clientele.  And, here I am at this juncture, feeling a rather profoundly clear, “No”, from within as this is not what I am desiring to create. 

I paid for both the mastermind and online summit training.  There were some indicators that it was the “right” thing to do.  Yet, I never truly felt the BIG YES. 

I have sat with the query, “How can I utilize Yeshua’s suggestion to celebrate the (perceived) loss given the choices I made not having the anticipated or expected outcome?”   

I choose to celebrate my learning which is actually many-fold.  “Patience”is the word that most loudly comes forth, followed by that wonderful opportunity for learning that the Universe continually offers, “Trust”.  I am to Trust the unfolding process all the while aligning myself to be the best coach I may be.  Patience.  I jumped rather quickly into two programs, neither of which I truly or deeply felt called (“discernment” is what I am hearing as I write this), yet wanted so much to take SOME action.  What if the action was not as of yet revealed?  What if the action, and those integral to the action, were not “lined up” as of yet?  The unfolding is in God’s time – not my time!  What if I were patient through the process, waiting until an aligned avenue, an aligned offering, showed up, all the while realizing that I am supported by the Universe, upon a path of service and continuing to hold the vision, the intention, for my being in the most aligned form of service in which I support many in their own personal discovery of self-awareness? 

Since dropping my attention upon creating the mastermind and online summit, I have been given the opportunity on a few occasions to offer coaching amidst Nature walks.  Now, this is what I am talkin’ about!  I get to be in Nature with a client all the while both of us reveling in the Beauty, quiet, and Magic of Mother Earth’s gifts, where I get to prompt probing queries, unveiling obstacles to self-Love.  Ahhh, how sweet it is to feel the alignment and the support of The Universe, as I release expectations on the “when” and instead focus on the “what” and the “why”, all the while supporting myself for feeling patient with the unfolding Grace, recognizing that magic, Whose outpouring is always evident, if we only are open to receipt: “Thy Way, not my way.”